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Hello Readers! I am Iffat Khan, a 21 years old female, a strenuous protagonist of the old saying “Live Your Best Life”. I am a creative writer, blogger, content editor, and social media tastemaker. I write blogs and articles on topics like love, compassion, humanity, self-love, women empowerment, well-being, healthy lifestyle, self-identity, and other purposeful topics.

About the Author

Iffat Khan is an Indian-born, Canada-based writer. Currently, she is taking Bachelor’s in Computing Science and minor in Mathematics at Thompson Rivers University. She moved to Kamloops in 2016, since then she has been learning about Canadian culture and has always loved traveling to new cities. What Iffat does in spare time is spread over a wide section of hobbies. For example, running social media pages, worked with other writers, and wrote sponsored content for company “Your Edu Connect”, a Vancouver based company that promotes Educational conferences, Motivational public speaking, Knowledge for students, Career counseling for Canadian students and Mentorship.

Originally, she owns the blog The Venus Lover which is inspired by the book “ Men Are From Mars, Women Are From Venus” by John Gary. This book comes up with a problem that men and women face while in a relationship. The blogs she writes are enormously popular among youths all around the world. Her purpose is to make people understand the righteous thing behind having successful relationships. Inspiration is: All men and women are unique to each other. However, they are wired differently and yet they continue to use the same ineffective tactics to live life. Iffat’s motive is to bring ease and comfort into every individual’s life and help them to learn how to be happy, motivated and driven.

Iffat’s idea of living the best life: “Live for yourself, Love yourself and rest will be in Peace”.

Bite the Bullet